Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monthly pictures

Here's a little monthly update on our sweet Campbell!

5 months in October - sitting up independently, hair is pretty thin :)

6 months in November - weight 15 lbs - still 50%. she's got some chubby cheeks and thighs but otherwise isn't a big baby. we're starting acid reflux medicine to see if this helps with the nighttime sleeping.

7 months in December - sorry no close-up, my camera battery died right after this pic. this girl is now on the move - crawling, well it looks more like an inch worm but she's definitely moving around the floor. and we're happy to report that Cam has now had some nights where she slept all night - praise the Lord!!!! we're currently battling a little winter cold so that has set us back in the sleep dept but still mommy and daddy are feeling so much better with a little bit of sleep themselves.

Campbell is definitely a happy baby! She loves her family and being around people. So far the only foods she doesn't like are oatmeal and peas. She plays so well with her brother and sister and is very ticklish! We sure do love this precious baby girl!

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