Monday, February 22, 2010

Waiting for the snow

Just sitting at home catching up on the Olympics we dvr'd from last night. I was doing a little work when Piper decided to start acting a little silly so here's a link to youtube:

I wonder how good the Wolfman will be??? More to come...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Achievements for all

Last week was a busy week for the family. I was at the Texas Computer Educators conference in Austin where I presented during a 50 minute session. I really had a great time and the best part was getting to hang out with mom and Marqus. I did miss out on the 12+ inches of snow Taylor and Piper were enjoying back in Dallas so it was a little depressing to miss out on the snow again. So, home on Friday and then to Lubbock to see the fabulous Sebashtian for a long weekend from Saturday to Monday. We went swimming at the hotel and Bash was swimming extremely well. I was so proud to see a great breaststroke from him plus we saw my good friend, Jason and his daughter Bethani. Busy, busy week but Piper figured out that she can move on her feet so to the amazement of both of her parents she has begun to take more and more steps:

So with Piper's steps, Taylor has completed all of her Master's coursework and now all that remains for her is graduation. Taylor's completion of her coursework is inspiring and gives me a little more focus and motivation to finish strong myself; 3 classes left but congratulations Tay, I am so, so proud of you!!!! I love you and I am happy you've completed this challenge!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

8, 9, 10 months

A few pics before the update story - Her hair after her first pony tail
A sweet nap with her bunny

Crawling up the stairs

So it's been a long time since I've updated Piper's stats. She is now 10 months old and very active. She doesn't look very different from her 3 pictures with her lamb chair, but developmentally she has changed a ton! 10 months

9 months
8 months

It's hard to get her to pose, or even be still for a picture and we usually take these pics at night so she's got on her jammies and sleepy eyes. She is a speedy crawler and follows us everywhere. She's also cruising along the furniture and walking while holding onto our hands. She can stand and squat, but still has yet to take those first few steps on her own. She weighs 17 lbs 10 oz, such a petite little thing. She's a good eater and pretty happy all the time. She still only has two teeth. She loves playing with other kids, but also enjoys time alone at home with her toys. She is so excited in the evenings to arrive home and crawl around our floors. She is sleeping through the night every night which is wonderful for us. She is still nursing a little bit. She has crawled up the entire flight of stairs and she climbed down the stair around our tub face first onto the tile floor. She was nervous about this and I was too, but when I saw her doing it, it was too late to stop her. She has a little anemia, but otherwise has been a healthy girl so far this first year. Chris says she has officially spoken her first word - "mama." She has done this for about a month now and is also now saying "dada" and "uh-oh." Piper likes to comfort her friend Trinity at daycare when she cries by patting her on the back and saying "mama." Trinity is 2, but they do have a sweet friendship. We love this little girl and she is such a blessing!

Our First Home

Our First Home