Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

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What a fun Christmas season this has been!

We had a great small group Christmas party at the Lisenby's house. Here are all the munchkins!

Miss Sherry let me borrow these Christmas costumes she uses in her classroom. Piper kept telling me that "He (Bash/Frosty) is melting!"

Bash and Piper enjoying some Christmas gifts from Miss Sherry. :)

My whole family came to visit for Christmas. When they arrived on Friday Chris had to take my brothers shopping as they had procrastinated on their shopping while my parents and I took the girls to Bass Pro to see Santa. When we got there they gave us a ticket to come back in 6 hours to see Santa so we didn't actually get to sit on his lap this year. I don't think it would have gone well anyways as Piper would freaked once it actually got to be her turn and Campbell is so clingy to mommy right now, but we looked at Santa, his elves and reindeer. We also saw the fish and waterfall at Bass Pro and rode their reindeer carousel.

Piper was showing off her dress-up clothes, listening to music, and dancing. Then she decided that she had to dance with a king. Uncle Craig couldn't be a king so Popsy was the king and danced with Princess Piper! :)

Check out those socks with high heels!

Pops bundled up the girls and took them for a stroller ride - his favorite!

On Christmas Eve Bash and Piper put out a plate for Santa and his reindeer - carrots, sopapilla cheesecake, a cookie, and a tamale. He ate everything, but not the whole cookie. Then Bash and Piper slept in her room inside her little house with Uncle Craig being the guard so no one peeked at Santa presents before we were all awake.

Coming downstairs.....

Bash got some crazy Texas Tech argyle socks

Cam got bath toys and fake fruit to go with her shopping cart

Can you see those two bottom teeth she cut at Thanksgiving? :)

Chris and I love this pic - how true

Piper got a bike!!!

Popsy sporting his Panthers hat for the his Carolina Christmas

Bash got a kinnect to go with his x-box

Uncle Matt and Piper reading a book during present opening

Grammy and Popsy got Piper her own ipad- a Leappad - and she loves it!!!!

She also got a new baby doll and stroller from Grammy and Popsy. Piper likes to walk on her tippy-toes and push this stroller all over the house :)

On the 26th we had a big family dinner at our house - Chuck, Kelly, and Jake McCarter, Gram and Gramps, Mimi, my brothers and parents, and later Uncle Randy's family stopped by. There were a lot of people but it was so fun and we loved having everyone come visit us this year.

Early morning playtime with Grammy!

We were sad to see my mom leave today and it is so quiet around the house now, but we sure loved having everyone!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Memory post

This post is mostly for me - to document Campbell's first food besides rice cereal. She had sweet potatoes and liked them. She doesn't seem to really love any food, except she sure does enjoy eating and filling her belly. Oatmeal and peas are definitely not favorites, and the first time she tried bananas it wasn't good, but we have tried them again since and she enjoys them now. I will also say that she is much better at tolerating having her face wiped off after eating. She closes her eyes knowing it's coming and sometimes she fusses, but it is nowhere near the fits Piper would throw when she had to have her face wiped off. :)

This girl has such beautiful big eyes! :)

Thanksgiving 2011

For Thanksgiving 2011 we went to Midland to visit my grandparents. It was a much needed break after dealing with a horrible lice infestation in Piper's hair the week before, we needed to get out of the house while all the lice suffocated inside trash bags in our house. We dropped Bash off in Lubbock to spend the week with his mom. We had a few days in Midland with Gram and Gramps to ourselves before my uncles and their families came to hang out.

We took the girls to the park by my grandparents house. I have so many memories of going to this park everytime we visit Midland.

Cam is happy to be swinging

Pouty face

Me and my girls

Hanging like a monkey

Crawling through the tunnel

Climbing on the caterpillar

Swinging like superman

We also took the girls to feed the ducks at the pond on A street, another childhood memory.

Happy girl

With daddy

Gramps loved holding Cam and she sure enjoyed being in his comfy lap.

Squirmy girl

Don't they have the same facial expression?! :)

Piper with her cousin Kelsey. She had a great time with all her cousins and is still talking about all of them, although she has a special spot for Garrett and he is so sweet with her.

Waiting for the food to be ready

In the kitchen with Gram

Of course I always feel like I didn't get enough pictures to document the fun we had, but we so loved being in Midland and having our kids spend time with their relatives, plus we sure enjoyed some good food from Gram and Aunt Brenda :)

Our First Home

Our First Home