Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The beginning of summer

Here are some shots to show you how our summer started:

we've been cooking out which includes sidewalk chalk, our water table, and climbing the fence

 matching our clothes which means multiple outfit changes a day for this fashionista
 sweet sisters snuggling
 enjoying time with our crazy teenager who is following in Einstein's footsteps (hopefully the brains part, but definitely the hair part :)
 On the 2nd day of summer vacation Campbell broke her collarbone.  Poor girl was walking down the stairs in princess high heels with that spotted blanket and she fell into the banister.  Her shoulder took the brunt of the fall and it snapped her collarbone.  So we've had to take it easy for a while which is very difficult with this active 2 year old.  The ER clinic put her in that shoulder immobilizer which is good because she's definitely in some pain.  She agrees to wear for shoulder bandages and to take her medicine (ibprofen).  As she's begun to feel better she's gotten more active and back to her old ways.
 My babies snuggling
 Chris and Bash ran the Splash Dash together, a water gun 5k so we all came to cheer them on

 This was father's day
 We've enjoyed some play dates
 Swim lessons
Piper got really good this year, especially at holding her breath.  Poor Campbell was the star student in her class on day one but had to withdraw day two since she broke her collarbone.  It would have been neat to see what all she could do since she's fearless but maybe all the swimming we'll do on vacation will allow her to really grow her water skills.
 Here's Campbell the afternoon of the accident
 We've done some family walks/bike rides/major patience testers around the block with Piper on her bike and Campbell on her Dora Jeep that goes < 1mph and she struggles to watch where she's going, so these walks have ended but it's also gotten hot :)
 Dinner with friends

 Sweet sisters, they are like this 75% of the day, although we do have our struggles with sharing and using our words.  This picture was for purple day for our friend Hillary, but mommy continued to use the idea the last 2 weeks of school making up pink day, red day, yellow day, rainbow day, etc. to reduce early morning wardrobe battles and ensure we could make it to school on time.
 Being 2 now Campbell is fully in the "I do it" stage so here she is putting on her own nightgown :)

 Let it be known that all the wildness doesn't originate with Campbell, big sis is a huge encourager
 Bash and Chris, father's day 2013
Bash flies home tonight, it was a short but fun summer visit and he was so glad to meet his little brother.

Brady's 2nd and 3rd month

Well today is Brady's 3 month birthday so its appropriate for an update.  He is our happiest, most-laid back baby.  We love this addition to our family!  During his 2nd and 3rd month we have seen our first smiles and heard his little voice "coo."  He has also gotten into a good nap routine and .... is sleeping through the night from 11pm to 4am in his rock'n'play then he gets in our bed and snuggles til 6:30am.  Such a champion sleeper!
 Enjoying a little tummy time, he doesn't protest too much
 Waking from a nap in the rock'n'play
 Brady took his first road trip.  We went to Midland to see my grandparents as they have been ailing, we didn't make it in time for Brady to meet Gram before she passed away so we spent an entire week in Midland with my mom's whole family for the funeral.  Brady got to meet his great-Gramps at the nursing home, it was a bittersweet time.  This was my last week of maternity leave, so right when we returned home I had to go back to work for the last two weeks of school.
 Here is his official two month shot, and at his dr. appt. he weighed 15 lbs. 2 oz. and was 25 in. in length.  97% for both - amazing!  Having a boy has been SO completely different than having a girl even though my pregnancies were all pretty much the exact same.
 He loves sleeping on his side, but also sleeps on his back just fine.  He has no reflux or tummy problems.  I'm sure his champion eating habits combined with his healthy weight and the fact that he digests breastmilk so completely that he only poops once a week definitely contributes to his excellent sleeping at such a young age.
 Playing with Cam, she loves to get on the floor next to him.
 Snuggling with Daddy
 One day he had on this cute outfit so I decided we needed a photo shoot.
 Bunny ears!
 Happy boy!
 My photo shoot assistant

Brady tags along with the family to many things, here we were at one of daddy's runs.  Most of the time I clip his carseat into the stroller but he's gaining more head control so if I don't want him to get too hot he gets to sit in the stroller like a big boy.

 Here is the official 3 month photo, taken just a few minutes ago :)

 These next few pics are out of order since they came from my phone.
Brady snuggling with Daddy in the early morning so Mommy can continue getting ready for the day before his first feed and his sisters wake up
 Loving the swing!
 I'm pretty sure this was during month two when he was a little less chubby and long :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Campbell's 2nd birthday

Well Campbell turned 2 on May 13 so I'm only a little behind :).  On the day of her party after her nap we showed her the present from our family - she got a Dora jeep.  She had been cruisin' on one of these at a friend's birthday party and we knew she'd love it, but she did need some time to warm up after nap.

 That night we had a cookout birthday party with a few friends - Kaleb and Oliver, Ansley and Alex, and Sally and Grant.  We had wonderful weather to be in the backyard playing with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, the playhouse and the Dora jeep.

 Blowing out the candles

 We also got a toddler pinata (one where you pull the strings and one string is supposed to release the candy so there aren't any crazy kids swinging a bat around) well that didn't quite work.  None of the strings opened the pinata so then we had a crazy adult (Chris) hacking at the butterfly pinata with grill tools.

 He decapitated the butterfly and eventually got the candy to come out.

Sweet sisters!
Campbell - you are such an adventurous 2 year old!  Very social, animated, wild, crazy, loving, servant-hearted, mothering, singer, and CURIOUS!  You keep us on our toes, but we love the ways that you take care of all of us and how much you are talking and putting together sentences.  You are such a blessing and joyful part of our family.  We love you - Mommy and Daddy
Two year old stats: 27 lbs, 34 inches tall

Our First Home

Our First Home