Monday, June 24, 2013

Campbell's 2nd birthday

Well Campbell turned 2 on May 13 so I'm only a little behind :).  On the day of her party after her nap we showed her the present from our family - she got a Dora jeep.  She had been cruisin' on one of these at a friend's birthday party and we knew she'd love it, but she did need some time to warm up after nap.

 That night we had a cookout birthday party with a few friends - Kaleb and Oliver, Ansley and Alex, and Sally and Grant.  We had wonderful weather to be in the backyard playing with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, the playhouse and the Dora jeep.

 Blowing out the candles

 We also got a toddler pinata (one where you pull the strings and one string is supposed to release the candy so there aren't any crazy kids swinging a bat around) well that didn't quite work.  None of the strings opened the pinata so then we had a crazy adult (Chris) hacking at the butterfly pinata with grill tools.

 He decapitated the butterfly and eventually got the candy to come out.

Sweet sisters!
Campbell - you are such an adventurous 2 year old!  Very social, animated, wild, crazy, loving, servant-hearted, mothering, singer, and CURIOUS!  You keep us on our toes, but we love the ways that you take care of all of us and how much you are talking and putting together sentences.  You are such a blessing and joyful part of our family.  We love you - Mommy and Daddy
Two year old stats: 27 lbs, 34 inches tall

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