Monday, December 31, 2012

Post Christmas Activities

The day after Christmas we just had to check out the snow.  Piper and Grammy made snow angels, threw "mudballs" and made lots of tracks in the snow.

 That night we continued the family tradition of going to see "ICE" at the Gaylord.  This year's theme was Merry Madagascar.  We had a fun time!

 Pops on the ice slide
 Chris on the ice slide.  Both little girls went on the slide too, but they were unsure and of course people walked in front of the camera so ....

 The best family pic we could get since everyone loves taking pictures.
 Piper had the best time playing with Uncle Matt and I must brag on my brother and say that his childcare skills have vastly improved.  He jumped right in, playing with the girls, feeding them, helping take care of them.  It was amazing and the girls loved it!!!
 Playing falcon!  "Mayday"
 Doing some work together

 Wrestling with Pops
 Bash, slightly frozen from playing outside
 Piper sporting some new clothes from Grammy

 Matching her new Rapunzel doll in her new Rapunzel dress
 Isn't this the cutest outfit? Mimi gave this to Cam and she looks so precious!!!
 One day Bash, Piper, Chris, Matt, and Pops went to an indoor trampoline park.  They all had a blast jumping.

We had such a great time with everyone here and were very sad to see them go this morning. Boo!  The next time we see them will be when the baby is born, which is crazy.  Here's to a great 2013!!!

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas at our house this year.  Sebashtian flew in on Christmas Eve about noon and my brother Matt drove in at 4:00, just in time for church.  When we got home we made gingerbread houses while Chris cooked dinner and then the kids were ready for bed.  The next morning Chris and I were the first ones up at 7:45, usually the girls wake us at 7:15, but Cam was the first to wake at 8:15.  We got everybody else up and came downstairs to open stockings and see what Santa brought.

 Piper was so amazed that Santa brought her a doll and that was what she had asked for.

 The kids voted to open all our other family presents when Grammy and Pops arrived later that day.  So on to Christmas breakfast - a cute twist on my husband's special - pancakes and bacon.
 Bash reading in the fort
 Opening presents now


 Bash's big gift was an ipad that he has hardly put down since he got it.

 Right as we were leaving the airport with Grammy and Pops it started snowing, so after we were done with presents and lunch Piper was begging to outside and explore.  She and Pops had fun hitting the fence with snowballs and we loved having a white Christmas in Texas - so rare!
 Cam had to check out the snow too, but she was really unsure of walking in the snow.

Our First Home

Our First Home