Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bash's summer blog

Even though school has started and I'm late posting this, technically it's still summer. :)

This boy had a very busy summer here with us. It all started when he came home with us from Midland after visiting for Memorial Day weekend. We still had a few days of school left so Bash came to school with us. On the last day we were at school Bash was playing in the gym and he slipped and fell backwards hitting his head on the mop bucket. Well of course he split his head open so we had to take him to the emergency room and he came home with one staple in his head. What a way to start the summer – couldn’t swim for a week. But he sure healed nicely and it didn’t affect his lovable personality or extensive vocabulary.

At the end of June Bash went to overnight church camp at Mount Lebanon. He had an awesome week filled with swimming, a climbing wall, swimming, field games, swimming, bible study, swimming, and theme nights. Bash’s favorite person all summer has been his counselor Marco. He was a wonderful young man aspiring to be a doctor and inspiring young boys to live a life dedicated to the Lord. Bash can’t wait to go back next summer.

On our summer vacation to North Carolina Bash was an excellent car rider and so sweet to his sister sitting right next to him. His favorite part of the vacation was going golfing with Chris’ best friend Nathan in Mississippi. He also really enjoyed the Georgia Aquarium and hanging out with Uncle Craig who came over everyday after work to swim and eat dinner.

Bash has been very busy playing with the boys who live behind us. There’s a group of boys in the neighborhood who all get along and love to be outside playing capture the flag, basketball, Star Wars, swimming, riding scooters, or riding bikes. These boys play all afternoon and then head back outside after dinner to play until dark. We are so thankful that Bash has a good group of boys to hang out with here in the neighborhood.

Bash has also been playing on a basketball team this summer through the YMCA and Chris has been his coach. It’s been fun to have these two bond in a coach/player relationship. Bash has really gotten into sports more this summer and all the technical aspects of the rules. He listens to his dad now and tries to apply his new skills. Bash is an excellent rebounder and has gotten more aggressive on defense, going after the ball to intercept passes. Bash also really understands zone defense. He likes basketball and we hope he continues to play and improve on his skills. Unfortunately the team has only won one game, but they keep playing each week giving it their all. During the double elimination tournament, they one the first game and then lost the next two. The boys played great, but they were very tired at each consecutive game.

Sebashtian really wanted to stay here this year for 5th grade, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. He got to go back with a new cell phone and he really feels cool. It is my old phone and of course he already knows how to do more things on that phone in 3 hours of having it than I did in two years. That’s a digital native for you!

Being a jungle gym for Piper, he sure was patient with her.

In the team huddle
From our vacation at the children's museum in Charlotte, climbing across a rope bridge, laying on pins and needles, and building a race car.

Bash filming the penguins in an underwater tunnel at the Georgia aquarium.

At the Dallas Zoo with the Tiggemans, there was more for older kids here and Bash had a great time.

His wonderful counselor at camp - Marco, Bash's favorite person all summer!! That sure speaks volumes of Marco's character and connection with young boys to sow seeds of the gospel.

Happy Father's Day!!

Learning from his sister :)

Gently spraying sister with the hose, definitely not torture :)

Blowing bubbles for Piper

Our First Home

Our First Home