Sunday, June 7, 2009

It Happens

Well it happened after feeding Piper this evening, she had her daily poop. It's usually two squirts in the diaper, so after the two squirts I checked and it was all coming up her back so I quickly took her to the changing table. Her shirt was pretty soaked so I removed it before changing her diaper. Some poop got on her shoulder so I put wipes down on the mat before laying her down. I cleaned the diaper area and then lifted her up to clean her back. (I'm already thinking she should have a bath.) She was shocked by the cool wipes on her skin and peed all over her feet. She was officially getting a bath now, but I needed to wipe the dripping pee off her feet before moving to the tub and that's when she spit up all over her arms and my arm. She spit up again in the tub on my legs as I was dangling her under the faucet. So if there was any doubt before Piper has now officially christened me as a parent.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to parenthood.

Linda said...

I've got a better one than that. I remember when Paige was just starting to get good at sitting up about 37 years ago! She woke up from her afternoon nap earlier than usual. She was quite as a mouse so I thought she was asleep. Then I heard this little giggle and went to get her up. Well my oh my! What a site! She had one of those pasty PB type poopy's. She had somehow got her diaper off and had shoved, mashed and pushed that nasty stuff into every crevice of her body, nose, ears, face, under every finger nail and on her feet, it was everywhere! Even on the spindles of her bed she had pushed it into the tiny little places on them. Terrible! First I gagged!! Then started on a two hour clean up - needless to say dinner was very late that night and that was before McD's and fast food. She wouldn't believe I am telling this on her! To people she hasn't met (or seen in ages)! Well that is something I will never forget - I don't even think Alzheimers could erase that memory! Anyway, I can really have- been there, done that empathy for you!! You should probably make a memory page in her scrapbook for that! She is getting more beautiful everyday. That lamb pic is adorable and Dad looks ready to go with his pac!!! All for now, Love you guys,Linda

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