Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bash's First Week

Sebashtian came last Wednesday and brought the bad weather with him from Lubbock. That night we were at Chris’ softball game when the tornado sirens went off and as we headed home we drove right into the storm. The sky was green and there was a ton of lightning, rain, and wind. We made it home safely, but had no power so we spent the night at the Fischer’s house. They were so wonderful to let us stay and hang out the next morning until we had power again. We lost two tree branches and found out that we need a new roof. So that will be the next update on the house.

We spent one afternoon playing with the hose. (It’s what you do if you have no pool). Bash was jumping the spray of water, it was pretty hilarious, and Piper wore her swim suit for the first time. We misted her with the hose and she was ok with it.

Sebashtian went to golf camp this week at the Tour 18 golf course. HE LOVED IT!!! Chris was so jealous! The best part was getting metallic titanium balls, some he won in putting contests and others he bought. He and Chris played a par 3 course and Chris thinks Bash is improving. I’m glad they have this hobby to share.

One morning while Bash was at camp, I took Piper to see our friends Rikki and Sally. Rikki and I talked for two hours straight, pretty much uninterrupted, which was so great to catch up. Piper and Sally spent a little time together both awake and happy on the blanket. Sally was so cute because she would hook her arm in Piper’s. Rikki and I want these girls to be best friends.

We went to Megan’s pool one afternoon to swim. Bash had a great time jumping on the rafts and floating around the pool. Piper took her first dip and was really calm in the water. I think she’s going to be a water bug, at least I hope so. Also Piper went to the church nursery this weekend for the first time and did great. She slept in the swing the whole time. It was so nice to be able to sit through an entire worship and sermon and be able to focus mostly. (I was thinking about her and worried about getting paged.)

Bash has also been reading a lot. He loves to do it, but we also got this great idea from our friend Jennifer that he has to read to earn screen time. So if he wants to watch a 30 min. t.v. or play the Wii then he has to read for 30 min. first. It was a family agreement on how to limit screen time and it helps balance out activities. Bash has read 3 books and today he’s been reading Harry Potter book 2 for four hours. It’s so good he can’t put it down. I love to see him read, he is really good at it so he enjoys getting his hands on a good book. I was just like him as a kid.

Since we’ve been hanging out with our friends, the Fischers, a lot Bash has got to play with his favorite dog in Dallas – Paisley. At Chris’ softball game he babysat Paisley on the top row of the bleachers.


Stacey said...

Sounds like Bash has had a great start to the summer - and Piper too! I loved reading as a kid, and still love it - I think it's a great idea to encourage a love of reading whenever you can! Hope your family continues to have a wonderful summer together :-)

Barrett said...

I can assure you that Paisley loves Bash too!

Our First Home

Our First Home