Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Easter Egg Hunt at Ms. Joyce's

The Easter Egg Hunt at Ms. Joyce's was a lot of fun.  Piper helped Campbell hunt for eggs and was really gentle with her.  Campbell got the idea to pick up the eggs but she didn't want to put them in her basket to grab another egg.  She had pretty much just started walking the week before so she did the best she could :).

 Now it was Piper and the other big kids turn in the backyard.  Piper had a great time running around getting eggs, she was less aggressive this year than last year.

 With her sweet friend Micah
 Almost got it :)
 All the kids at Joyce's - Landon, Trinity Wren, Reid, Micah, Mollie, Trinity, Sydney, Olivia, Dagney, Piper, and Campbell
 Ms. Joyce gave Campbell her first taste of cake at the party and she loved it!  She ate pretty much every bite, guess this is a preview of what she'll do at her 1st birthday.

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