Thursday, January 7, 2010

ThE HoLiDaY SeAsOn

Here's a recap of our busy, but wonderful holiday season.
For Thanksgiving we stayed here and all my family came. Bash created a fort and he and Piper played underneath the blanket.
Piper giggling at her Great-Gramps

This is a picture of my mom's entire side of the family. They all came to Dallas for the Baylor vs. Texas Tech football game at Cowboys stadium. The Baylor fans are outnumbered in the family, but everyone was very nice about the good effort Baylor put forth at the game. We all enjoyed seeing the new stadium.

Piper sandwich!

We all "ran" the Turkey Trot with 35,000 other people Thanksgiving morning. It was a fun time dodging walkers and dogs with a jogging stroller. After burning calories we all came home and had a great meal.

Now on to Christmas 2009!
Sibling Christmas pic
At Piper's daycare Christmas party the kids put on a performance of songs. Piper danced/jumped along the entire performance. It was super cute!

Sitting on Santa's lap. She was totally fine with Santa, just really tired as his visit was at the end of the party. She did enjoy running her fingers through his curly beard.

Family Christmas pic

lazy morning enjoying the time of from school

Playing with Cousin Kelly in Kerrville

Uncle Matt holding Piper - now that she can move on her own, he's not afraid of her anymore and they had a great time interacting over the holidays.

After opening presents at Mimi's

Looking out the window, she enjoyed this as we don't have any glass doors at our house where she can do this

Piper getting her Bambi deer out of her stocking - she loves this deer and giggles everytime she sees it.
Bash's favorite present - he wore this everyday after he got

New Years 2010
Over the winter break we traveled down to Kerrville as my Pawpaw was very sick. We knew this would be the last Christmas with him. We were able to take a 5 generations picture since my dad was here. We were also able to enjoy our time with Pawpaw as he could still have conversations and join us for meals.

Piper and Pawpaw checking each other out. Piper enjoyed crawling after Pawpaw when he used his walker to get around.

Five days after Christmas, on December 30 Pawpaw passed away. His funeral was January 2, 2010 and Chris sang his favorite Irish song, "Danny Boy." He was 82, had lived a very full, blessed life, and blessed many who knew him. I am so thankful that I had him in my life for 29 years. We miss you Pawpaw and love you, but are thankful that your pain has ended and you are with Your Maker in Heaven.

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